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  1. Bullet Fully Automated

  2. Bullet Online Order Tracking

  3. Bullet Highest Quality-Efficiency

  4. Bullet Open and Tubular Finishing

  5. Bullet 40 to 2’000 Pound Dye Lots

  6. Bullet CAFTA Supplier

  7. Bullet Wide Fabric Capability - 2.60 m.

  8. Bullet Waste Water Treatment Plant on-site

Swisstex El Salvador has been an industry leader in knitting, dyeing and finishing services for knit fabrics since 2007.

Our seasoned management and skilled staff offer many decades of experience in dyeing services for natural  and synthetic fibers, and finishing applications to improve  appearance and wear and facilitate fabric care. In addition, Swisstex adheres to a strict environmental policy, operating to green principles of energy and resource savings.